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15.11.2018  As per call given by All Unions and Associations BSNL (AUAB), rally was conducted throughout AP Circle on 14-11-2018 demanding implementation of the assurances given by the Hon MoSC in the meeting held with the AUAB on 24.02.2018.

 (a) 3rd Pay Revision to BSNL employees.
 (b) Implementation of Government Rules in payment of Pension Contribution by BSNL.
 (c) Allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL as per the proposal submitted by the BSNL Management.
 (d) Pension revision for the BSNL pensioners.
 (e) Settlement of left out issues of the 2nd PRC.
   Comrades of All Unions and Associations BSNL participated enmasse in the rallies and made it a very grand success throughout AP circle. At Circle office, Vijayawada, more than 400 comrades enthusiastically participated. The leaders of AUB addressed the huge gathering. The leaders from CITU also addressed the gathering.

  The SNEA of AP heartily congratulates all the comrades for successfully organising the programme. View Glimpse of Photos .

10.11.2018      Organise  rallies massively on 14.11.2018 at Circle and SSA headquaters

 As per the call of the AUAB, massive rallies are to be organised on 14.11.2018, demanding implementation of the assurances given by the Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications, in the meeting held with the AUAB on 24.02.2018.


(a) 3rd Pay Revision to BSNL employees.
(b) Implementation of Government Rules in payment of Pension Contribution by BSNL.
(c) Allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL as per the proposal submitted by the BSNL Management.
(d) Pension revision for the BSNL pensioners.
e) Settlement of left out issues of the 2nd PRC.
09.11.2018 Grant of special Casual leave for attending AIC at Ludhiana from 27.11.2018 to 30.11.2018 plus journey period.
Special CL letter



31.10.2018 As per call of All Unions and Associations BSNL (AUAB), a Day long Dharna was massively organized at AP Circle office, Vijayawada and as well SSA head quarters on 30-10-2018 demanding implementation of the assurances given by the Hon MoSC in the meeting held with the AUAB on 24.02.2018.

a) 3rd Pay Revision to BSNL employees.
b) Implementation of Government Rules in payment of Pension Contribution by BSNL.
c) Allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL as per the proposal submitted by the BSNL Management.
d) Pension revision for the BSNL pensioners.
e) Settlement of left out issues of the 2nd PRC.

   Tremendous response received from the Comrades of All Unions and Associations BSNL and participated enmasse in this Day long Dharna and made it a very grand success. At Circle office more than 300 comrades, including more than 75 lady comrades enthusiastically participated in this Day long Dharna.

     The leaders of CITU, AITUC, LIC and BSNL retired employees union  extended solidarity and addressed the gathering. Com. J Umamaheswara Rao, CS SNEA, A Chandrasekhar, AGS SNEA , Com P. Asoka Babu, CS BSNLEU , Com CH Chandrasekhara Rao, CS NFTE and Com D Venu Gopala Rao, CS AIGETOA addressed the huge gathering . The Leaders elaborately spoke on above demands and insisted for more united and intensified struggles to achieve the above demands.
        The SNEA of AP congratulates all the comrades for successfully organizing the programme.  
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31.10.2018 SNEA AP extends best wishes for all comrades who retire today on superannuation, for a happy and peaceful retired life. Comrade you are starting a new journey and exceptional chapter of your life. May your days be filled with elation and triumph. We thank you for your dedication & congratulate you on your retirement.
29.10.2018                      DAY LONG DHARNA ON 30-10-2018:

    As a part of the call given by the AUAB of CHQ, New Delhi, please participate in the Day Long Dharna on 30-10-2018 from 10 AM to 5.30 PM at BSNL Bhavan premises of Vijayawada. On the same lines at all the District head quarters all the members are requested to participate in this Day Long Dharna by applying one day CL on domestic grounds. Please mobilize the members in enmasse and participate in this Dharna programme in a enthusiastic manner.

(a) 3rd Pay Revision to BSNL employees.
(b) Implementation of Government Rules in payment of Pension Contribution by BSNL.
(c) Allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL as per the proposal submitted by the BSNL Management.
(d) Pension revision for the BSNL pensioners.
e) Settlement of left out issues of the 2nd PRC.
    As per the call given by the AUAB today at 11 AM Press conference has been conducted in Press club. about 30 persons attended from Print and Electronic media. Convernor of AUAB, Com. P.Asoka Babu, Chairman, Com.Ch. Chandrasekhara Rao, Com. J.Umamaheswara Rao, CS, SNEA and Com. D. Venugopala Rao, CS, AIGETOA addressed the Press conference. Draft has been prepared on behalf of AUAB of AP state and same has been circulated among the media people. This Press conference concluded at 12.15 PM. Except ATM union, all other affiliated Unions/Associations participated in this Press conference.Same program conducted at SSA headquaters also.

28.10.2018 Press conference at Press Club,Gandhinagar,Vijayawada at 11am on 29.10.2018.This program being done from the platform of AUAB of  AP Circle.
JAC Circular

                            Circle Executive Committee meeting of AP Circle

  The Circle Executive Committee meeting of SNEA,AP was held on 24-10-2018 at Makineni Basava Punnaiah Vignana Kendram, Vijayawada. The session was started at 9:30Hrs with the hoisting of SNEA Association flag by the nominated President Com V K Prasad Reddy in the presence of Com K.Sebastin GS, Com S L Reddy, veteran leader, Com J. Umamaheswara Rao CS, Com A Chandrasekhar AGS, Circle Office bearers, District office bearers, CWC Members, CEC members and mighty members of SNEA Krishna.

  Com R. Brahmananda Reddy welcomed guests and the members to the house. The meeting was conducted under president ship of Com V K Prasad Reddy. Com K. Sebastin GS, S L Reddy, Ex CHQ President, Com A. Chandrasekhar AGS, Com G. Ramesh CS SNEA TS and Com E Jagan Mohan Reddy CP SNEA TS, were distinguished guests on this occasion. Com J UmaMaheswara Rao, CS SNEAAP, Com S.S.T.Sai, Circle Treasurer SNEA AP shared the dais. Krishna District secretary Com J.S.Anwar Basha delivered the welcome address. After completion of opening remarks by the President the house observed two minutes of silence in memory of departed comrades. Com J. Umamaheswara Rao CS submitted the brief report covering various activities of our organization at CHQ level and Circle Level for the period from the last CEC held at Srikakulam to till date i.e 03.12.2017 to 24.10.2018. The Circle secretary report was adopted by the house after detail deliberations. Circle Treasurer Com S S T Sai, submitted the financial report. After the detailed deliberations the report was adopted by the house.

   A grand open session was started at 12.30 PM. Com P.Visweswara Rao welcomed chief guests of the open session Sri A P Rao CGMT,AP and Y. Ravindranath GMTD Krishna SSA and other guests on to the dais. Key note address was presented by Circle Secretary Com J UmaMaheswaraRao, after opening remarks by President Com V K Prasad Reddy. Veteran Leader Com S L Reddy addressed the open session in his address he spoke on the necessity of increasing revenue by increasing customer base of BSNL and emphasized the need of 4G spectrum.

    Com K Sebastin, General Secretary, addressed open session, in his address he appreciated the SNEA AP members for conducting marketing rallies and door to door campaign and he also informed that

a) After entry of Jio data cost drastically reduced. But our customer base is in safe place. 
b) As per TRAI survey, BSNL Maintained TRAI parameters in an excellent manner in five cities within that VIZAG city is one of them.
c) After completion of Phase7+ our MNP figured positive. In Phase8.4 our 3G data speed is better than all other private telecom operators’ 4G data speed. BSNL 4G will start in the month of December.
d) The delay in implementation of Tenders and cancellation of tenders affecting the BSNL business.
e) Tower subsidiary company proposed in the year of 2013 when there was 18 Telecom Operators. Now only three private Telecom Operators. Now DOT and BSNL rethinking on proposal of Tower subsidiary company.
f) As per liabilities of Telecom operators BSNL have very less loan liability i.e 10,000 crores only, which is very less when compared to other operators liabilities.
g) As per Project Vasundara our asset value increased to more than 1, 00,000/- crores, previously it was 36000 crores only.
h) As per our persuasion of SNEA, DOT posted DIR (CFA) and two more directors will be posted in near future.
i) There will be no merging of MTNL and BSNL due to various aspects of difference like Pay scales and huge MTNL liabilities.
j) In CFA segment all TDM switches are changing into IP switches. Improving the Transmission network by connecting mesh topology. In FTTH TIPS share was enhanced 50%.

  Sri A P Rao, CGMT AP addressed the open session and he explained

a) Revenue of AP Telecom is best in South, providing highest BB connections, FTTH, EB segment and Tower leasing.
b) New strategy is required for acquiring and retention of customers and also need effective and intelligent marketing.
c) BSNL brand name changed as BSNL 4G. Nearly 500 4G BTSs to be installed in phase 8.4.
d) New services WINGS, Amazon prime and Multicasting 1GB Bandwidth with 10 droppings.
e) Renting BSNL buildings.
f) Implementation of Operation OJAS and Samundar Manthan.
   CEC of SNEA AP honoured the Chief Guest Sri A.P.Rao, CGMT AP and Y Ravindranath GMTD Krishna. Com R.Brahmananda Reddy proposed vote of thanks.

    After completion of delicious lunch, the afternoon session was started at 14:30 PM. After detailed deliberation on the issue of maintenance of SNEA Bhavan at Tirupati, the CEC formed committees to study the proposal for purchasing a individual plot/house by disposing the existing plot at Tirupati and New SNEA Bhavan at Vijayawada. The committees consists Com M Rajasekhar Reddy, ACS SNEA, Com Muralidhar Naidu DS SNEA Tirupati, and Com Ramanjaneya Reddy CEC Member SNEA for Tirupati SNEA Bhavan and Com S S T Sai CT SNEA AP, J S A Basha DS SNEA KRI and V K Prasad Reddy CEC Member, for Vijayawada SNEA Bhavan. CEC also took decision to give SNEA Bhavan, Tirupati, on rent basis to Com Ramanjanjaneya Reddy.

  Com Jagan Mohan Reddy CP SNEA TS and Com G Ramesh CS SNEA TS addressed the CEC. Com Ramesh in his address elaborated how other associations are propaganding negative against SNEA in social media on various issues. Com Chandrasekhar AGS addressed the gathering on issues related to Civil/Electrical and Architecture.

   Our dynamic GS K Sebastin addressed the CEC and elaborately spoke on the recent developments at CHQ on following issues

a) Additional Increment on functional promotion withdrawn by DOT in the year 2007 is challenging in the court.
b) SNEA pursuing GTI with management through LIC and SBI Life for all the Executives. Now the proposal is in the final stage with the LIC premium quote of Rs 1.6/- per thousand for the coverage for 50 lakhs for the age group up to 50 years. The options will be called for shortly.
c) SNEA struggled for the EPF contribution without the ceiling in 2005 and got it implemented. SAB 30% for BSNL recruit employees, pension started with 3% on 05.05.2016, by which the total contribution reached 23% out of 30%. Thereafter it increased by another 2%, taking the total contribution to 25% out of 30%. We are fighting for another 2% more as assured by the CMD.
d) Hon Ernakulam High Court Verdict on EPF Full Pension Case will pave way for all beneficiaries to get a chance of giving New Options for full pension. SNEA CHQ will initiate the Court Case, if any Directions issued against the Employees from EPFO on the basis of this Order from Hon High Court of Kerala. If any further fund requirement is required for Legal Fight, it will be intimated accordingly.

e) on SNEA continous pursuance CMD wrote DO letter to DOT on E2, E3 Pay scales of JTO/SDE.

f) Pay loss issue for post 2007 rect JTO/JAOs(Rs 22820/- for the post 2007 batches): The pay loss is huge and cannot be simply ignored, Management is not accepted treating it as an anomaly.SNEA is not leaving this issue but trying to find some alternative ways to address the pay loss by giving additional increments which is possible only after the approval of E2 and E3 scales. Additional increment is possible from E2 scale only. Approval of E2 and E3 scale is having more relevance now.

g) GS also explained developments on the issues 3rd PRC, CPSU cadre hierarchy, DPC promotions, Promotion and Pay parity, First time bound promotion uniformly after 4 years and DE to DGM promotions.

   Large numbers of queries were raised by the members during Interactive Session. GS clarified all queries without any ambiguity. CEC passed a resolution on conduction of Circle conference which is due January 2019 and extended the same for nine months and Venue will be decided in next CEC meeting.

   Circle office bearers and District secretaries also addressed the subject session. CEC of SNEA AP felicitated the Guests. After closing remarks by the president the CEC concluded with the proposal of vote of thanks by com. J S A Basha at 08:30PM.

    SNEA AP appreciated the efforts of SNEA Comrades of Krishna for their tireless efforts in making the excellent arrangements for smooth conduction of CEC and also passed resolution to congratulate and place the meritorious services rendered on record for exemplary team work of SNEA Comrades of Krishna for smooth conduction of CEC.
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    11th District conference of SNEA, Visakhapatnam SSA was held on 16-09-2018. Our beloved G.S, Com.K.Sebastin, attended this conference. The session was started at 10:00 Hrs with the hoisting of SNEA Association flag by the District President Com N.V.V.Satyanarayana Rao, in the presence of Circle Office bearers, District office bearers and mighty members of SNEA. Com J Umamaheswara Rao CS SNEA AP and Com V. Ravikumar Reddy ACS, Hq were distinguished guests on this occasion. The meeting started with prayer. After completion of opening remarks by the president the house paid rich tributes to departed comrades and the national leaders. Host branch President Com N.V.V.Satyanarayana Rao, delivered the welcome address. District secretary and treasurer submitted their reports and after deliberations both the reports were passed. The functioning of the District body of Visakhapatnam is exemplary and the financial position is outstanding.

  Grand Open session was started at 12:15 PM. Smt Nalini Verma, PGM, VM SSA, was the chief guest for this Open session. Key note address was presented by District Secretary Com A. Chittibabu. The guests addressed the open session. GMT responded positively on the issues submitted in the key note address. Beloved GS and CS also addressed the open session and explained the various developments at CHQ and AP circle. The open session concluded around 2 PM.

  After completion of delicious lunch, the delegate session was started at 14:30 PM . Com K Sebastin, GS, CS, ACS HQ, CWC member, Com. M.Satya Prasad, addressed the delegate session. Com GS, explained the members about the latest CHQ Issues like 3rd PRC, E2-E3 standard pay scale, CPSU cadre hierarchy etc. The old body was dissolved and unanimously elected the following new set of office bearers for the next term.

PRESIDENT:      N.V.V.S.SATYANARAYANA      9490139400
SECRETARY       A.CHITTIBABU                       9490110166
TREASURER       G.V.SATISH                           9490131255
CEC MEMBER     D.PAPARAO                          9490147199

   District President and District Secretary of newly elected body also addressed the gathering. After closing remarks by the president the District conference concluded with vote of thanks.

   SNEA AP Congratulates and extends its best wishes to the newly elected Visakhapatnam District Office bearers.  
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Kindly arrange to send the the arrival and departure detail inrespect of deligates /CWC Members attending the Pre-AIC-CWC and AIC on 27.11.2018 at Dr Manmohan Singh, Auditorium, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana .

The number of delegates should be elected as per the provisions of the constitution (01 delegate for every 30 members or part thereof being not less than 20, subject to a minimum of one per Branch/Division/District/SSA. CHQ Office bearers, CSs and CWC members shall be ex-officio delegates). All the trains to Jammu and Amritsar will pass through Ludhiana. From Chandigarh/ Ambala Cantonment/ New Delhi, lot of conveyance is available.

For the delegates, accommodation will be available from 27.11.2018 A/N to 01.12.2018 F/N. For the CWC members, accommodation will be available from 26.11.2018 A/N to 01.12.2018 F/N.

 Observers are not allowed.

Kindly fill the required information in the below Google sheet.So that we may be able to make the arrangements accordingly please.

Google sheet
20.10.2018  Grant of special casual leave to attend the circle executive committee to be held on                                    24.10.2018 at vijayawada.


View Media Reports:
BSNL Postpaid Subscribers Can Now Carry Forward Unused Data Up to 200GB
BSNL Launches a Limited Period Prepaid Plan of Rs 78 With Benefits for 10 Days
Chinese ZTE: BSNL to take cautious call on 5G network rollout
Nokia partners BSNL to implement industrial automation solutions at Chennai factory
16.10.2018 GS writes to Hon Minister Shri Manoj Sinhna on E2/E3 pay scales: Approval of BSNL proposal for revision of intermediary pay scales of 9850-250-14600 (E1A) and 11875-300-17275 (E2A) with the next higher standard pay scales of E2 and E3 for the JTO and SDE equivalent cadres in BSNL w.e.f. 01.01.2007 based on the clarification given by DPE on 29.08.2018. DPE directed DoT to decide the pay scales based on 1) affordability clause in the DPE OM dated 26.11.2008, ie. PBT for the year 2007-08, 2) intermediary pay scales are not allowed and 3) the pay scales are to be implemented by the CPSE in consultation with the Administrative Ministry.
GS letter to Hon MoSC

   Hon Ernakulam High Court Verdict on EPF Full Pension Case will Pave way for All Beneficiaries to get a chance of giving New Options for full pension. Highlight is that Calculation of Pension Basic on the Basis of Last 60 months of Service also cancelled and last 12 months average restored. The Hon. High Court has announced the verdict on EPF Full Pension Case given by a Large Number of Employees from different PSUs and other Sectors. In the verdict, Hon. High Court of Kerala Cancelled the anti employee clauses like
1) Cut Off Date for exercising Full Pension option,
2) calculation of Pension Basic on the Basis of Last 60 Months and
3) service charge of 1.6% where the employees are paying additional contribution.

  Our Co-Members in NCOA from different CPSUs were conducting this case and as per their advises we were waiting for this order from Hon. High Court before going for any case to Supreme Court or any other Courts in India. We are now waiting for the Modified direction from EPFO. If it is limited to the parties of the Petitions for which the Judgement was pronounced, then we will also move to Court as declared by CHQ in line with this favorable order from Hon High Court of Kerala. SNEA CHQ has already decided in the Bhubaneswar CWC to file the Petition with all interested beneficiaries as parties for Full Pension Option. So all Members are advised to wait for some more time for the direction from CHQ for further movement.

  Meanwhile, We have noticed that very massive Fund Collections were made by Leaders of some Other Association for Filing the Case for EPF Full Pension by creating a Panic Situation among all BSNL DR Executives that opportunity for exercising Full Pension Option will be given only for those who can file a petition before a Particular Date. Since SNEA is fully aware of the developments through our NCOA Leaders from other PSUs having EPF Pension Option issues for both Retired and Serving Employees, We were advising the Members of SNEA to stay calm for further direction from High Court of Kerala. Here once again, it is informing that, SNEA CHQ will initiate the Case with the Legal Fund if any Directions issued against the Employees from EPFO on the basis of this Order from Hon High Court of Kerala and if any further requirement from the members for our Legal Fight, it will be informed to all Members through Association Platforms. Further the judgement not addressed the issue of exempted and non-exempted trust but it is not applicable for BSNL.

13.10.2018   Group Term Insurance(GTI): The final premium quote received from LIC is Rs 1.6 per thousand rupees for a coverage of 50 lakhs for the age group upto 50 years. The rate will be reviewed after 3 years. The same slab will continue till they attain 60 years. The Committee will be submitting its report to DIR(HR) in this regard shortly. GS met GM(Trg) who coordinates the GTI scheme and held discussions today and requested to expedite the proposal. GS asked simultaneously to work out for an option if any Executive wants to opt out of the scheme.
13.10.2018 Fund collection for the All India Conference: The Bhubaneswar CWC meeting decided to collect an amount of Rs 200/ per member for meeting the huge expenditure towards AIC. In that Rs 100/- will be for the CHQ expenditure and Rs 50/- each will be for the SSA and Circle for meeting their huge expenditure towards AIC.
10.10.2018  Grant of special casual leave on 24-10-2018 to the District secretaries,CEC Members, Circle Office Bearers,CWC Members and CHQ office bearers of SNEA AP. All the COB/ CWC/ DS /CEC Members are requested to make their travel arrangements at the earliest and communicate the arrival and Departure particulars for making necessary arrangements. Accomadation is being arranged for all except the comrades from nearest locations like: 1.GTR 2.WG 3.E.G. 4.PKM. as they can reach the Venue with in 2 or 3 Hours.

    CEC meeting of SNEA AP CIRCLE will be held at Makineni Basavapunnaiah Vignana Kendram,Near Raghavaiah Park,Bandar Road, Vijayawada on 24.10.2018.Com. Sebastin GS SNEA will attend the meeting.All the comrades are requested to participate in the meeting in time by 9 AM.


10.10. 2018                                                CHQ  NEWS
    GS writes to CMD/BSNL: Urgent need to increase the DGM(T) posts, atleast by another 800 and filling up all the DGM(T) vacancies on regular basis. The number of DGMs working is hardly 650 against the sanctioned strength of 1331. Recently the AGM(T) posts increased from 5303 to 8,713. The DGM(T) posts also to be increased proportionately. The number of DGM(T) posts are very less in Telecom Engineering side, resulting huge stagnation.

  All Unions and Associations of BSNL held its meeting at New Delhi on 08.10.2018. AUAB discussed the non-implementation of the assurances given by the Hon MoSC in the meeting held on 24.02.2018. AUAB decided to launch agitational programs for the implementation of the assurances given on
1) 3rd PRC implementation
2) 4G spectrum allotment
3) Pension revision
4) Pension Contribution on actual basic pay.
   AUAB also discussed:
a) 30% Superannuation benefits to BSNL directly recruited employees.
b) Outsourcing of Passive Infra Maintenance of Non BSNL Sites and
c) Repatriation of excess ITS Officers against the Cabinet decision for diminishing order.
Details will be updated----

09.10.2018 On  continous pursuance of SNEA,  today Corporate office issued clarification letter on LICE JTOs recruitment year.
05.10.2018                  View Corporate Office Orders:

SOFT TENURE in BSNL transfer policy - Clarification.

05.10.2018                                           CHQ NEWS

  Reply from DoT on the status of filling the vacant Functional Director posts [DIR(Fin), DIR(CFA) and DIR(CM)] in BSNL. SNEA has written to Hon Prime Minister on 30.08.2018 --- For the revival of BSNL, first and foremost requirement is to fill up all the three vacant functional Director posts in BSNL, Director(Finance), Director(CFA) and Director(CM) on urgent basis.
Reply from DoT on the PMO reference
GS letter to Hon PM on 30.08.2018 

   Meeting with Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD/BSNL on 04.10.2018: GS met CMD/BSNL and held discussion on the proposal of E2/E3 scales and its approval by DoT. GS informed CMD that the reply given by DPE is processed by DoT and the file is with Secretary/DoT for further directions. GS requested immediate intervention of CMD by personally taking up the matter with Secretary. CMD assured to discuss with Secretary once she returns to the office on 14.10.2018. Meanwhile a DO letter regarding early approval of E2/E3 pay scales will be sent from CMD, it is assured.  

   Meeting with Shri Keshav Rao, GM(Pers) on 04.10.2018: GS, President, AGS and Jt sec met GM(Pers) and held discussion on 1) resubmitting the Committee report on CPSU Hierarchy, 2) JTO to SDE promotion, 3) Soft tenure break and 4) promotion for the missing cases.

1) On the Committee report, it is informed that it may take few more days as some feedback is yet to get from some section.

2) On JTO to SDE promotion, we held detailed discussion based on our letter dated 17.09.2018. Since Hon HC permitted to give promotions even before finalization of AIEL, all possibility is to be explored for the promotions from the remaining JTOs, to the extent possible. The AIEL is finalized for the DoT rect upto 1999, DoT rect and BSNL rect are segregated by Hon HC and promotion orders are issued. Remaining JTOs can be promoted on interim measure. The promotion can be regularized after finalization of AIEL, we suggested. Management is trying to establish that there is no contempt and of opined that after giving much awaited promotions, management is facing contempt and other court cases which is not a positive sign. Finally GM(P) assured to examine the matter and continue the discussions next week.

3) Soft tenure break: The matter will be discussed with DIR(HR) for approval.

4) Promotion for the missing cases: Due to the contempt cases, further promotions are not processing, GM(P) informed. We explained that the pending cases are nothing to do with the contempt cases and they are very seniors, their juniors are already promoted. Finally GM(P) assured to discuss this with DIR(HR) and do the needful.

   Meeting with Shri Sourabh Tyagi, Sr GM(Estt) on 04.10.2018: GS met Sr GM(Estt) and held discussion on 1) sending a DO letter regarding early approval of E2/E3 pay scales and 2) Board approval for E1/E2A pay scales notionally from 01.10.2000 for the Civil/Electrical/TF/Arch/PA/Ps etc and 3) Board approval for the AD(OL) scale:

    Based on the discussions held earlier with CMD, DIR(HR) and GM(Estt), a draft DO letter is prepared, GM(Estt) informed.

    On approval of E1A/E2A scales from 01.10.2000, the possibility of settling the issue without altering the Presidential order is under examination. Whether it can be shifted to another date to overcome the objections of DOT, it is under examination.

   The AD(OL) pay scale proposal is an agenda in todays Board meeting and in all probability, it will be approved, informed GM(Estt).

   GS writes to CMD/BSNL: Outsourcing of O&M activities of passive infra of Non-collocated BTS sites – the rates needed to be revisited again in view of 1) huge investment BSNL already made in the last few years, 2) the exorbitantly higher rates and 3) revenue from the BTSs.
GS letter to CMD

04.10.2018                               View Media Reports:

State-run Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. Was the only other telco to show a growth in AGR – of 6.8% - to Rs 2,273 crore.
04.10.2018                         View Corporate Office Orders:

1. Contribution under Superannuation Pension Scheme for directly recruited employees who are on deputation in other organisation / department.
2 GSM Revenue Performance Report upto the month of August-2018.

04.10.2018  The Contempt Petition at Hon CAT/EKM and Review petition at Hon HC/EKM on JTO to SDE promotion:

     BSNL CO sought the data urgently from all the Circles. The data submitted by various Circles earlier in different formats. Now BSNLCO sought the data in specific format for the purpose of submission to the Hon Courts.
Letter from BSNLCO