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08.12.2016: All DSs / BSs and activists are requested to make extensive preparation for the ONE DAY STRIKE on 15-12-2016 and Make it a grand Success

07.12.2016: Congratulations to one and all for making the membership verification a grand success. Excellent performance by our Circle Office Bearers, District Secretaries, Branch Secretaries, office bearers, SNEA activists and grass root level members across Andhra and Telangana circles resulted in heavy polling. SNEA AP congratulates all of them for the excellent work done.

Official Figures:

Total Votes: 4613 Polled: 4434 % of Voting: 96.12

Our sincere gratitude to GM(HR), DGMt(HR), AGM(SR),Returning officers, AROs, and all the officials in SR and Admin sections of Circle Office for their untiring efforts to conduct the MV in a free and fair manner.


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30.11.2016 : Snea Bike Rally in ongole Division

01.12.2016: SNEA AP sincerely thank Comrade G.Satheesh SDE, Ex Circle Vice President, and Ex District Secretary, HTD of AIGETOA, AP Circle for actively campaigning for SNEA at Hyderabad. Com G.Satheesh came forward for campaigning in favour of SNEA appreciating the stand taken by SNEA on all the crucial and fundamental issues of executives which requires immediate resolution. Com G.Sathessh can be contacted on Mobile No. 9490134460.

25.11.2016: CHQ NEWS: Pay parity of 2007 and 2008 batch JTOs:

Some queries received from CSs and Office bearers on this subject. This is a genuine demand and our Assn is taking up very seriously. It is part of our charter of demands in the Manifesto. We are waiting for the settlement of the basic issue of standard pay scales of E2, E3 first. Immediately after that this issue will be pursued very strongly, parity of Rs 22820 with 2005 batch JTOs and the 2010 batch JAOs. Strategically first we are settling E2 and E3 and then the pay parity demand.

CHQ Update  on DPCs:

Assn is trying its level best to get the Ernakulam case listed this month itself. We are pursuing with mgt on daily basis. The exact date of hearing will be known in a day or two.

Similarly we are pursuing with management to file appeal against the Chandigarh CAT order on reservation issue so that LDCE promotion and SDE to DE promotion can be processed. VC for remaining SDEs in list no. 7 also will be called shortly. For JTO to SDE seniority promotion also, Chandigarh judgement is a hindrance and promotion order will not be issued by management even if case is dismissed at Ernakulam. Simultaneously we are pursuing for early hearing of the Cases related to JAO to AO and AO to CAO promotion at Chandigarh.

25.11.2016: Participate in en mass in today's Dharna against formation of subsidary tower company

All Circle and District office bearers are requested to make necessary arrangements in coordination with all the unions and associations, and make today's Dharna a grand success.

17.11.2016: Com Sebastin, General Secretary, SNEA is touring Hyderabad on 18.112016 & 19.11.2016 and will be addressing series of meetings of Executives as given below. All the executives working at Hyderabad are cardially invited to participate in the meeting.

18.11.2016: 1100 hrs to 1400 hrs at BSNL Bhavan, Adarsh Nagar, Hyderabad

                       1500 hrs to 1730 hrs at ITPC, OU Campus, Hyderabad.

19.11.2016: 1100 hrs to 1400 hrs at CGMT Office, Abids, Hyderabad

                        1500 hrs to 1730 hrs at Telephone Bhavan, Saifabad, Hyderabad.

11.11.2016:Replacing GSLI Scheme with Term Insurance for BSNL recruited Employees - Suggestion thereof - GS writes to CMD.....View Copy of the letter.

08.11.2016: JTO to SDE promotion case at Ernakulam: Senior lawyer engaged by BSNL recovered from illness and able to travel by third week. He will be available for pleadings after 20.11.2016. Accordingly, BSNL lawyer is trying to fix the next date of hearing and constitution of the special bench in consultation with other lawyers from the applicant side.

02.11.2016: Agitation Program given by United Forum AP Circle Postponed to 9th November 2016

In view of the appeal made by CGMT TS Circle and the assurance given by CGMT in the meeting yesterday with us and also the developments took place today, UF AP decided to postpone organisational program palnned from tomorrow up to 9th November 2016.

02.11.2016:On our continuous pursuation with all concerned, Training orders released for undergoing JTO training for 2103 passed LICE(TTA to JTO) candidates. SNEA AP sincerely thank Shri G.Rajarammohan, DGM(A) and Shri Sugunakar Rao SDE (tranining) Circle Office for their immediate action and arranging the trainings in shortest possible time. Further arrangement of JTO training to recently passed candidates is under pursuation.


01.11..2016: CGMT TS called for a meeting of Circle Secretaries of United Forum, AP after serving the notice of TU actions protesting against the autocratic behaviour of GMTD MBN. CGMT appealed to postpone the agitation in view important events taking place in hyderabad. Discussions had with CGMT TS is not encouraging. Talks are inconclusive. Let us get ready for the agitation as programmed. GM(HR) and DGM(A) were also present in the meeting.

01.11.2016: United Forum of Executives' Associations of AP Circle comprising of AIBSNLEA, SNEA and AIGETOA served notice of TU actions with effect from 03.11.2016 against the indifferent attitude and harrasment of Executives of MBN SSA by GMTD Mahabubnagar.

All the D.Ss /COBs and activists of SNEA AP are requested to coordinate with other constituents of United Forum and make our struggle a great success. Comrades it is the question of self respect of all executives of AP Circle. Let us fight unitedly.