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CHQ Office bearers and CS meeting at New Delhi on 18.06.2018:

  It was a moment of celebration for all as 1) the SNEA demand for CPSU Cadre Hierarchy implementation is approved by the BSNL Board on 28.05.2018, paving the way for smooth career progression in the future and 2) more than 5,000 JTOs promoted as SDEs within one month period through SCF and LDCE for the vacancy years 2009-10 and 2010-11.

   The meeting decided to demand the implementation of CPSU cadre Hierarchy on or before 01.07.2018 as per the CWC decisions. Already CPSU cadre Hierarchy delayed by one and half years as the date of implementation changed from 01.01.2017 to a prospective date, any delay in implementation of CPSU cadre Hierarchy will delay all the future promotions for all.

  Meanwhile in the intervening period, all out efforts will be made to effect promotions in all the streams, ie. SDE to DE, AO to CAO, SDE(C/E) to EE(C/E), SDE(TF) to AGM(TF), JTO(T/C/E/TF)/JAO to SDE(T/C/E/TF)/AO.

   Assn will be giving more focus for settlement of E2 and E3 scales, now pending in DoT and if required will launch organizational actions.

  30% Superannuation benefit to BSNL direct rects: By the formation of pension fund with 5% contribution, now the total contribution reached 25% out of 30%. Further increase in the contribution will be pursued as it is directly linked with the social security.

   Uniform 1st TB Promotion: This is the issue for all the JTO/JAOs recruited from 1993 to 1999 who got the first TBP after 5 or 6 years. Khan Committee recommended for uniform 5 years. However Hyderabad CWC decided to demand TBP after 4 years instead of 5 years. Management was waiting for the finalization of the CPSU Hierarchy. EPP 2007 has to be amended retrospectively, w.e.f 01.10.2004 for implementing Uniform TBP with the approval of BSNL Board and DoT.

   Group Term Insurance (GTI): Competitive quote is expected from LIC, this week. Assn is in touch with LIC in this regard. GTI will be implemented making 3 or 4 age slabs to get the benefit of customarised premium to the Executives of different age groups.

  Filing of Court case for EPF full pension option: The list of Executives recruited directly by BSNL, covered under EPF and opted for the full pension option is to be made available to CHQ by respective CSs within one month. Jt Sec(S) Com Pandurang Nayak and AGS Com Chinamya Sahoo will coordinate with all CSs in this regard.

  The pay parity of 22820 will be pursued to settle the issue by giving additional increments as the demand for settlement as a pay anomaly issue is not agreed by the management.

    Settlement of Rule 8 cases at the time of implementation of CPSU Hierarchy.

18.06.2018 GS writes to Hon Minister: Review of the Presidential Order issued by DoT on 28.03.2017, lowering the pay scales from E1A to E1 and E2A to E2 and approval of BSNL proposal for standard pay scales of E2 and E3, replacing E1A and E2A w.e.f 01.01.2007 as per the assurances given earlier. 

16.06.2018       Congratulations to One and All
JTO(T) to SDE(T) promotion orders issued for 3139 JTOs against 3500 vacancies.

2009-10 vacancy year --- 748 (839 vacancies).
2010-11 vacancy year --- 2391 (2661 vacancies).
Promotion Orders

SNEA AP congratulate all the promoted JTOs who are the soldiers of SNEA.

 We could issue the promotion orders under severe adverse conditions, malpropaganda of stay on promotions, misinterpretation of the court orders to mislead their supporters etc etc. 

 We are extremely grateful to Smt Sujata T Ray, DIR(HR) who had taken every step to ensure that the promotion orders are issued. Similarly we are thankful to Shri Keshav Rao/ GM(Pers), Shri Manish Kumar/Jt GM(Pers), Shri Mattoo/ AGM(Pers), Sri Ramamoorthy/DM, Shri Pandey/DM and Shri Vinanyak/ DM for the great job. Special mention is required for Shri Ramamoorthy/DM who had completed the DPC work. Special thanks to Shri A. M. Gupta, GM(SR) and Shri Surendra Singh, GM(CLO) who are the other DPC members.

 Special mention required regarding the contribution of all of our CSs ,DSs and office bearers at all the level for their sincere efforts to make this impossible task possible.



15.06.2018 Preparatory work for promotion to AGM(T) on adhoc/regular basis-requirement of screening committee report of SDEs under seniority list 5,6& 7.

14.06.2018 On our continouous persuasion with AP Circle Office , Promotion and posting orders of JTOs to the grade of SDE(Telecom) under LDCE are issued .

 Congratulations to all the comrades who were promoted as SDE through  LDCE .


14.06.2018 Continouous persuasion with Circle Administration issued request transfer orders in the cadre of SDEs.SNEA AP whole heartedly conveys  thanks to Circle Administration of AP circle .

14.06.2018     Dear comrades don't propagate any roumers regarding stay on DPC for SCF of JTO to SDE. Just now  spoke to Delhi and Kerala also. As per our people no stay is granted by Ernakulam CAT. With out confirming officially don't create confusion among the comrades. If at all any official information is there same will be updated
                        There is another attempt by the same group to stall the promotion by filing a fresh case at Ernakulam CAT and stay the DPC. Court didn't stay the promotion but directed to comply the HC judgement before issuing the promotion orders.

We are going ahead. We will update any other development.

14.06.2018  On our continuous persuasion today circle office issued request transfer orders in the cadre of JTOs .

14.06.2018  Preparatory work for promotion to AGM (T)-requirement of data/tabulation sheet of all executives from seniority list No.8 
Total List

14.06.2018  DPC work was continuing till 2.00am and Data updation completed now.. VC pending..523. AS..03, BBNW..01, CTD..11, GUJ.. 01, WTR Bhopal..04, INSP/QA..30, ITPC.. 08, MH.. 108, NCNGN.. 01, NE II... 22, NETF... 08, NTP.. 15, NTR... 64, STR... 67, RAJ..03, TN ...70, UP West.. 31, WB..06, WTP...02, WTR.. 35

13.06.2018     Today evening at 5.30 hours once again I spoke to the CGM Telangana and requested to forward the VCs of AP circle of SCF JTOs. CGM sir reacted positively and directed the sections concerned to expedite and send the VCs to BSNL CO Delhi. Finally at 7.30 PM our VCs reached Delhi and the same is confirmed by our AGS P.P.Rao. Again at 8 PM our P.P.Rao forwarded 13 members list of combined AP and asked to submit the VCs. With the help of local ERP admin, VJA, verified 13 cases and found that 10 cases belong to either expired or VRS/superannuation. One case of Warangal already promoted as SDE. One belongs to some other state and for the last case HRMS No wrongly mentioned.  I have submitted the corrected data to GS and as well to the BSNL corporate office Delhi. With this our task is completed.
           I convey my sincere thanks to the CGM TS, DGM Admin T.S, DI, Admin and Vigilance units of T.S. Special thanks to Com Ramesh, CS Telangana and other active comrades of Telangana. Our GM HR of AP circle, who is on official tour at Chennai, continuously monitored the total episode  and extended all possible help. I convey my sincere thanks to Admin section of AP circle office also for their active support. Special thanks to our ACS Hq who is instrumental in getting up to date information from DI and Vigilance wings of TS circle. Once again I thank one and all for extending your support in completing the task.

                                    Umamahesh  CS SNEA AP

13.06.2018    March to Prime Ministers residence on 19.06.2018

     By CPSU Executives and officers from Banking sector, Insurance sector and Central Govt Officers demanding 3rd PRC implementation, stop disinvestment/Privatization, Assured Pension to all etc

Charter of Demands:

1. Remove affordability clause for Wage Revision in CPSUs.

2. Expedite wage revision for the Bankers without restriction on scale and without affordability clause.

3. Ensure Assured Pension for all.

4. Stop all moves towards Privatization.

5. Amend Tax laws at Par with Government employees.

All the Executives are requested to join the March on 19.06.2018.
08.06.2018 All the DSs are  requested to please forward the requests for postings of  LDCE and SCF members,  who wants posting other than   the existing SSA.
I.Individual representations . 
2.SSA wise consolidated Excel sheet indicating either spouse / Medical if any on
08.06.2018 All the VCs for Promotion from JTO(T) to SDE(T) reached AP circle office and we are sending to HD for onward submission to Delhi.

08.06.2018 All the DSs are requested to update the data for Preparatory work for promotion to different grades / streams.(Updation of data in ERP). BSNLCO has made arrangement for updation of data by individual through POP UP Menu in ESS Module. Hence all the executives are requested for updation of their data immediately.

07.06.2018   Hon Kerala HC ( Earnakulam) Judgment on JTO(T) to SDE (T)SCF delivered on 5.6.2018.

The main features of the judgement are:

A) JTOs recruited by BSNL as per JTO RR 2001 cannot claim the vacancy or seniority prior to 2000. It is reserved for the DoT officers. The basic contention of AIGETOA to interpolate seniority in the ratio 1:1 prior to the vacancies of 2000 has been rejected. This was the crux of the issue.

B) The promotion and seniority of JTOs recruited for 1995 to 1999 are intact and the eligibility list prepared by BSNL is correct.

C) The seniority of direct rect JTOs and the supernumerary JTOs recruited for the years 2001 to 2007 has to be revised based on date of appointment and date of promotion.

As such there is no hindrance in giving promotion from the final eligibility list prepared and circulated by BSNL from among JTOs recruited from 1995 to 1999.  

Except the method of fixation of seniority of the JTOs recruited from 2001 onwards, all the pleadings of SNEA and BSNL management accepted by the Hon High Court.

CHQ will take all out efforts to issue the promotion orders as quickly as possible.


06.06.2018 BSNLCO has requested all the Circles to send the data in the proforma for the Preparatory work for promotion to AGM(T)- requirement of data / tabulation sheet of all executives from seniority list no.8
Information required for List no8


Hon High Court of Kerala pronounced the Judgment today (05.06.2018) in the JTO to SDE Promotion case: The salient features are:

 1. JTOs recruited directly by BSNL after 2001 can have no right to claim for the vacancies earmarked for direct rect during the period from 1996-2000 in DoT. No provision of law or any authority which confer them an indefeasible right to claim allotment of rect years as 1996 onwards -----. Certainly from the date of their appointment in BSNL the petitioners are having the right to get their seniority fixed in accordance with JTO RRs 2001 framed by BSNL.

 2. JTO seniority list is to be prepared not on the basis of Trg Centre marks, but based on date of promotion in cases of promotees and date of appointment in case of direct rects.

  3. Final eligibility list is to be prepared within 6 months.

 4. In the meantime BSNL can make provisional promotion against the vacancies equally from among senior most promotes and senior most direct recruites.

 Provision 1 and 4 seems to be contradictory. The judgment copy will be available in 1 or 2 days.

 CHQ will take all necessary steps immediately to get the judgment stayed by the Hon SC in case it is adverse.

 The applicants main prayer was for interpolation of Promotes and direct rects in the ratio 1:1, irrespective of recruitment year. If the prayer was allowed, then 1995 to 1999 rect promotee JTOs will be interpolated with 2001 to 2005 BSNL direct rect JTOs in the ratio 1:1. Similarly 2007 and 2008 BSNL direct rect JTOs will be interpolated with 2014 to 2017 rect promotee JTOs in the ratio 1:1.  


 Uniform Time Bound Functional promotion Policy, 2018 or CPSU Cadre Hierarchy:

     GS alongwith President and AGS met CMD and DIR(HR) on 04.06.2018 and once again thanked them for approving the CPSU Cadre Hierarchy proposal in the Board meeting held on 28.05.2018. GS personally thanked both of them for keeping the commitment given by them to the GS that they are committed to CPSU Hierarchy as mutually agreed upon and will ensure the Board approval without any change. GS reached HQ today, 04.06.18. It was only due to their timely intervention at various occasions, the policy could finalise, overcoming the major issues like bench marks, huge number of Executives at AGM equivalent grades in all streams, relaxation in qualifying service for the Executives in higher scales, date of effect etc.

      GS interacted with the CMD, DIR(HR), DIR(EB), DIR(CM) and all the four external Board directors on 27.05.2018, one day prior to the Board meeting requesting them to approve the proposal in the Board meeting on 28.05.2018.

    This is a direct result of membership verification and the first major HR issue settled by SNEA through negotiations over a period of two years, after becoming the only recognized Executives Association through membership verification. The commitment given by SNEA to all the Executives at the time of MV is getting fulfilled by this and thousands and thousands of Executives will get the time bound functional promotion.

      By this  policy three functional promotions are assured  after  every   Five years  from   Dy Manager (JTO/JAO equivalent) to Manager(SDE/AO equivalent) to Sr Manager(Sr SDE/Sr AO equivalent) to Asst General Manager (AGM/CAO/EE equivalent) without linking with availability of posts. Jt DGM(NF) designation is approved for the AGMs in E5/E6 scales and eligible for DGM promotion. At present JTOs with more than 20 years of service is waiting for the first promotion due to shortage of vacancies. Executives having more than 30-35 years of service got only one promotion.

     It is a historic decision paving the way for smooth functional promotions on time bound basis in the future. Our demand for Uniform Time Bound Functional promotion for all the Executives and the firm resolution to bring parity in promotions among various wings finally got the approval of full BSNL Board. An impression and confusion was created by some sections in the minds of Extl Board directors and DoT directors that the new policy is needed as the promotions are blocked due to litigations and reservation issue. By our strong lobbying among these directors we could overcome this negative propaganda and convince them the need for uniform promotional avenues and parity in promotions for all the cadres as per the terms and conditions for absorption and as per the promotion policies prevailed in other CPSUs. Both DIR(HR) and CMD also strongly pleaded and fought for a Uniform promotion policy for all the Executives as practiced in other CPSUs. Both of them strongly pleaded till the last moment for getting the proposal approved for w.e.f 01.01.2017. However the Govt directors were very much against this, fearing litigations on that ground. If the court case was not filed at CAT EKM against the CPSU Hierarchy and the stay order was not passed on 20.12.2017, the BSNL Board meeting on 21.12.2017 might have approved the proposal w.e.f 01.01.2017 itself as the DoT Board member made objections on retrospective date was not attended that Board meeting. Evenif it is prospective, it could have from 01.01.2018. By filing this case nothing achieved but the promotion of thousands and thousands of Executives delayed by 1 ½ years and their subsequent promotions also. It needs introspection.

    The policy will be notified once the Board meeting minutes are approved. It has to be implemented at the earliest, latest by 01.07.2018 as majority of the Executives will be getting promotion to Manager, Sr Manager, AGM and Jt DGM by this policy only and qualifying service for future promotions are linked with this.

     Bench mark for the promotion in the new policy was one of the major challenges for us. Initially BSNL management was also insisting for atleast 3 very Good and 2 Good for JTO equivalent to SDE equivalent promotion which we could bring down to 5 Good through marathon negotiations. Further our request for following marks instead of grading also accepted by the management which will be further beneficial to the Executives (low grading in an year will be compensated with the better grading for another year).

      Further we had discussions with CMD and DIR(HR) regarding issuing promotion orders as much possible during the intervening period as CPSU Hierarchy will be implemented latest by 01.07.2018. Since the date of implementation of CPSU Hierarchy has become prospective and the major hurdle on promotions, the reservation issue is temporarily overcome by the interim order of Hon Supreme Court, we requested to issue the promotion orders as much possible. JTO to SDE promotion case judgment is expected tomorrow (05.06.18) which will pave the way for JTO to SDE promotion which is badly delayed for more than 6 years due to litigations. Management assured to complete the promotions as much feasible within this short period without giving any scope for future litigations after implementation of CPSU Hierarchy. JTO/JAO to SDE/AO promotions in all the streams are under consideration. On SDE to DE promotion also mgt is making all efforts to complete the DPCs by diverting the MT quota. Since the seniority list is under dispute, entire list no 6&7 has to be promoted in a single order for which more vacancies are required. Seniority will be as per the final order of Hon SC. Mgt is working some way out for this including upgradation of posts. On AO to CAO promotion, catchup rule is the major hurdle. Various options are under consideration. EE(C/E) and AGM(TF) promotions also under consideration. Around 700 DGM(T) vacancies are available. Since 206 final judgment has come, we demanded for regular promotion to DGM(T) posts as per revised seniority.

   We are trying our level best to issue maximum promotion orders in this month followed by promotion through CPSU Hierarchy w.e.f 01.07.2018.

31.05.2018  SNEA AP extends best wishes for all  comrades  who  retire today on superannuation, for a happy and peaceful  retired  life. Comrade you are starting a new journey  and  exceptional chapter of your life. May your days be filled with elation and triumph.  We thank you for your dedication & congratulate you on your retirement.


29.05.2018     The proposal approved by BSNL Board in its meeting being held at Hyderabad on 28th May 2018 on Uniform Time Bound Functional Promotion (CPSU Cadre Hierarchy).

I.   It will be a Uniform Time Bound Functional Promotion policy for all the Executives in different cadres and in different wings upto AGM grade. This will end the disparity in promotions between various cadres in different wings and provides uniform promotional avenues to all the Executives in different wings.

Date of effect .. prospective 01.07.2018.

Bench marks...                                OC                             SC / ST

Manager..                                          25                                  23

Sr manager..                                    27                                  25

Agm...                                               29                                   27

E5 and E6..                                      31                                  29

 II.     New designations will be as follows:

JTO /JAO equivalent grade        - Deputy Manager

SDE /AO equivalent grade          - Manager

Sr. SDE /Sr.AO equivalent grade  - Sr. Manager

AGM /CAO/EE/DE equivalent grade -Asst General Manager

AGM /CAO/ equivalent grade (With 4 years regular       

service) --Jt.DGM ( Non Functional)

III.  Date of implementation: 01.07.2018.

     As a onetime measure, all the existing Executives in higher scales and completed the qualifying service will be placed in higher grades on 01.07.2018 itself without conducting fresh DPC.

IV. Subsequent review: 1st Jan/1st July, 2019 onwards, twice in a year.

V.    Existing Executives in higher scales will be placed in higher grades without conducting fresh DPC.

VI.    Promotion upto AGM grade will be on Rect year/ vacancy year basis.

VII. Functional Promotion upto AGM grade will be on Time Bound basis as under:

a)  Deputy Manager (JTO/JAO) to Manager (SDE/AO) --- 5 years.

b)  Manager (SDE/AO) to Sr Manager (Sr SDE/Sr AO) --- 5 years.

c)  Sr Manager (Sr SDE/Sr AO) to AGM (DE/CAO/EE) --- 5 years.

d)  Since Sr Manager (Sr SDE) grade is newly introduced as a functional grade, time bound promotion to AGM grade will be after 5 years of service in Sr Manager (Sr SDE/Sr AO) grade or 12 years combined service in SDE & Sr SDE equivalent grades, whichever is less.

e)  If sufficient number of eligible Executives is not available for AGM/CAO promotion, Adhoc promotions will be given by relaxing the qualifying service.

VIII. Time Bound upgradations to higher scales will continue for the Executives already working in higher scales, on completion of qualifying service in the lower scale.

IX.    Relaxation in qualifying service for the Executives in higher scales:

a)  Manager (SDE/AO) in E3 scale will be considered for promotion to Sr Manager Grade after 3 years of service in Manager Grade. All will get AGM promotion in 8 years.

b)  Dy Manager (JTO/JAO) in E4 scale will be considered for promotion to Sr Manager Grade after 3 years of service in Manager Grade. All will get AGM promotion in 8 years.

c)  Dy Manager (JTO/JAO) in E3 scale will be considered for promotion to Sr Manager Grade after 4 years of service in Manager Grade. All will get AGM promotion in 9 years.

X.     One year relaxation for the Dy Managers (JTO/JAO) recruited for the same rect year.

  On CPSU Hierarchy, the formal discussions have taken place with the recognized Association only, as per the provisions of Recognition Rules. SNEA only have the right for negotiation/discussion with the management on such policy matters. On large number of issues, agreement reached between both sides. But on some issues, management did not fully agree to the demands, citing administrative constraints.

This will be the major breakthrough for all the Executives and a direct result of the membership verification and becoming recognized Association. During verification campaign, it was assured by SNEA that it will try to get promotions within 3 months, ie. by March, 2017. But due to the unavoidable circumstances  it was delayed and this new policy / promotions will be effected from 1st July, 2018.

Due to various reasons Assn could not update the latest developments and this major breakthrough to our activists at various levels for the last two months when proposal was under finalization. 


Congratulations to all the comrades who were promoted as SDE through  LDCE .

Order  part1 part2 Part3  Part4  Part5

26.05.2018 Congratulations. Today the case(SNEA & others vs Union of India) in petition no. 5758/2018 regarding formation of tower company came up for hearing in Honourable High court of Delhi. The case has been admitted. In the interim direction the decision of BSNL to form subsidiary tower company will be subject to further direction & final order of Honourable High Court. The case is listed further on 25th Sep 2018.

The decision to file the case was taken in a meeting of AUAB on 8/5/18. In the meeting it was decided that the case will be filed in the name of executive associations. 

24.05.2018  On our Continuous pursuation VC for SDE promotions under SCF , Time bound promotions and request transfers,  circle office  displayed VC for SDE promotion under SCF candidates and Request transfer List on AP Intranet. .If any discrepancies in VC list may please be intimated immediately to Circle Association . Any missing cases in request transfers may be again forwarded by 25th May.

23.05.2018     JTO to SDE promotion under SCF before Hon. High court of Kerala at Ernakulam: The case adjourned to 30-05-2018 at 01.30 PM for pronouncement of judgement.  

Violation of transfer policy guide lines in the rotational transfers of Executives in  Civil unit of  A.P Circle .GS writes to PGM (BW).

     CHQ office bearers and Circle secretaries meeting will be held at New Delhi on 18-06-2018.  Also AIPCOC rally will be held on 19-06-2018 at Delhi.  

       To participate in this rally on 19-06-2018, COBs, DSs and other active members are requested to get the reservations done from your respective places (TO&FRO) and number of participants list may be furnished to the ACS HQ Com.V.Ravikumar Reddy so as to inform the same to CHQ for making arrangements.

21.05.2018 CS writes  to CGMT ,AP requesting  for arranging Formal meeting with the recognized Association SNEA AP.

20.05.2018                                     MEDIA NEWS

BSNL offers 1 GB data at Rs 2.51 under "Data Tsunami" plan

DoT gears up to complete BharatNet rollout ahead of schedule

No proposal to merge BSNL and MTNL: Manoj Sinha

Cabinet approves Rs 11,330 crore more for network for defence forces project
20.05.2018                                       CHQ NEWS

             The formal agenda meeting with DIR(HR) held today, 17.05.2018 from 11.30 AM on the following agenda. GS, President, AGS, CS/BSNLCO and senior comrade Shri V K Yadav represented SNEA. GM(SR), GM(Pers), GM(Restg) and OSD to DIR(HR) were the other participants  in the discussion from official side:

1. Implementation of Group Term Insurance (GTI) for all the BSNL Executives:

Decision: Negotiation with LIC and SBI Life on Group Term Insurance (GTI) for all the BSNL Executives will be held today itself.

2. Restoration of break in Circle Tenure on posting to soft tenure stations as provided in the Transfer policy Dated 09.05.2012:

Decision: Break in Circle Tenure will be restored.

3. Uniform First Time Bound promotion:

An anomaly created after the implementation of 2nd PRC where all the Executives are getting 1st TBP after 4-5 years after 01.01.2007 where as the seniors got it in 5 or 6 years in 2005 or 2006. All the 1993 to 2001 rect JTOs joined before 2003 are affected by this. The matter has been referred to Khan Committee and Khan Committee recommended 4-5 years instead of 4-6 years. However in order to remove the anomaly, we demanded the 1st TBP uniformly after 4 years.

Management was very much reluctant on this demand as EPP-2007 has to be amended with retrospective effect, after so many years for meeting the demand.

Decision: It will be examined and processed once CPSU Hierarchy is approved and the residency period is finalized by Board for future promotions. Further discussions will be held after the Board approval.

4. HR Integration:

There is no uniformity in deciding the policy matters like promotions, transfers etc at BSNCO/Circle/SSA level, among different wings. For promotions, vacancy year is not followed in certain wings, creating anomaly. All the request transfers after 3 years are at the company cost, as per the transfer policy. However some wings/circles are giving transfer after 2 years at company cost whereas some other wing/unit, transfer is not given on company cost even after three years. The differential treatment between different wings created large scale resentment among the Executives in different wings. For the purpose of uniform policy in the company, HR integration is to be implemented. Huge man power deployed for the same work among different wings can be spared and can be redeployed effectively.

Decision: It is agreed to follow uniform policy and best HR practices by all the wings. For its smooth implementation, a Committee will be formed to examine the various issues raised by the Assn to bring uniformity in the HR practices followed in BSNL.

5. Finalization of HR Plan.

Since CPSU Hierarchy proposal is finalised delinking the promotions from availability of posts, HR plan finalization is to be expedited. Due to non finalization of HR plan, some HR issues like E1+5 for the JTO/JAOs recruited after 2010 are not approving by the BSNL Board. Rect and Transfers can be made judiciously based on the actual assets. This will help deployment of staff in the potential areas.

Decision: The additional posts as pointed out by the Assn for trans mtce, FTTH, Leased ctts, Govt projects etc are reworked and soon it will be send to the MC for approval. Thereafter it has to be cleared by the HR Committee and then by the Board. HR Plan finalization will be expedited.

6. Increasing the number of Office bearers of the Executive Associations from 7/11 to 15 at SSA /Circle level and recognition to the body at Circle offices and Metro Dists at par with SSA level:

The number of office bearers at Circle/SSA level was 15 each before finalization of the Recognition Rules. In the new Recognition Rules, it reduced to 11 and 07 respectively which is to be reviewed. This is badly affecting the functioning of the Association at Circle/SSA level as it has to represent and accommodate all the Executives in different streams, wings including non recruiting Circles in the Circle/SSA body. The office bearer number is to be increased to 15.

The elected body at various Circle offices, Metro Dists, ITPC, BBNW, TF etc are to be treated at par with the SSA level body and necessary clarifications are to be issued.

Lot of resistance was there from the part of GM(SR) to increase the number of office bearers citing the recognition Rule provisions, cost to the company, these issues are already examined by a Committee etc. Finally DIR(HR) assured to revisit the issue with a positive mind.

Decision: The demand for increasing the number of office bearers to 15 will be re-examined and necessary amendments will be done in the Recognition Rules.

Recognition to the elected body at various Circle offices, Metro Dists, ITPC, BBNW, TF etc will be considered and necessary clarifications will be issued.

7. Office accommodation at Circle/SSA level:

Some of the Circle/SSAs are insisting for instructions from BSNLCO citing the instructions issued for accommodation to Recognised Unions and SEWA BSNL. SNEA is the Recognised Executives Assn and it should be given accommodation at Circle/SSAs. Instructions may be issued to all the Circles.

DIR(HR) was kind enough to consider the matter and of the firm opinion that Recognised Assn also should be given accommodation as others are already enjoying.

Decision: The matter will be decided shortly with a positive approach.

After the discussion on the agenda points the following issues also discussed:

Board approval for CPSU approval: DIR(HR) assured that the reply will be submitted to the Board as assured to the Assn without any change in date of effect or bench marks. The original proposal along with the reply will be send to company secretary today itself for making it as an agenda for the Board meeting on 28.05.2018. DIR(HR) is very much hopeful that this time the Board will approve the proposal.

Rule -8 cases of KTK Circle: We explained the stand taken by the new CGM where he is not ready to consider fresh Rule 8 cases against 211 new JTOs joined. Earlier 173 JTOs transferred when JTO posting through LICE/Offtg regularization taken place. This also done after lot of struggle by SNEA and by the intervention of DIR(HR). DIR(HR) assured to examine the matter.

       After the formal agenda meeting, GS and AGS met GM(SR) and held further discussions on the matter. We explained the developments during last three years and how the JTOs are relieved after lot of struggle. The Rule 8 cases settled since 2016 is taken now and fresh cases are not considering when new direct rect JTOs are joining in the field. Against new JTOs fresh Rule 8 is to be considered and 191 Rule 8 cases are still pending.

          As per the call given by the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, Street corner meetings are being conducted very enthusiastically in the AP state . Kadapa, Kurnool, Ananthapur, EG,  Ongole, Vizag and Vijayawada comrades are in the forefront to conduct street meetings.  In Vijayawada i.e, AP head quarters, Street corner meetings are being conducted at different locations. Today at 3 locations Street corner meetings were conducted viz. Vijayawada Railway station, main Bust station and Kaleswararao market area. The Members of SNEA, AIBSNLEA, BSNLEU, NFTE and FNTO of Vijayawada, actively participated in the Street corner meetings.  At Vijayawada Railway station, electronic media people are invited and very good coverage has been given.  Tomorrow Street corner meetings planned at Indira Gandhi Municipal stadium, Benz circle and Autonagar Bus stand Banners and placards were displayed, demanding for the rollback of Subsidiary Tower Company. Provision of 4G to BSNL and save BSNL.  SNEA AP circle wholeheartedly congratulate all the executives and non-executives of the BSNL who have participated in the Street corner meetings very enthusiastically and thus shown their commitment to safeguard our beloved company BSNL.  Also it is requested to mobilise large number of comrades for the balance two days i.e 10th and 11th of May 2018 and make this Street corner meetings programme    a grand success
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    Hold street corner meetings from 07th to 11th May, 2018, against the anti-BSNL policies of the government and demanding the rolling back of the Subsidiary Tower Company.

             As per the call given by the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, massive RALLY has been conducted on 19.04.2018 with about 300 members from BSNL Bhavan Vijayawada to Sub-Collector office on MG Road and submitted the Memorandum to Sub collector and requested to forward it to the Governor of AP.  The Sub-Collector of Vijayawada responded very positively and assured the leaders of the AUAB that he would forward the memorandum to the Governor. The Members of SNEA, AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA, BSNLEU, NFTE, BTEU, SEWA and FNTO of Vijayawada are actively participated in the RALLY.   Comrades from nearby districts viz. West Godavari, Guntur and Prakasam district also participated in this Rally.  Banners and placards were displayed, demanding for the rollback of Subsidiary Tower Company. SNEA AP circle wholeheartedly congratulate all the executives and non-executives of the BSNL who have participated in the RALLY very enthusiastically and thus shown their commitment to safeguard our beloved company BSNL.

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    Massive Day long Dharna programme was conducted at AP Circle office, Vijayawada and as well SSA head quarters on 12.04.2018 by all Unions and Associations of BSNL, demanding the rolling back of the Subsidiary Tower Company. Huge number of comrades of all Unions and Associations of BSNL enthusiastically participated in this Dharna and made it a grand success. At Circle office more than 300 comrades participated in this dharna. The Day long Dharna was conducted with raising slogans demanding the rolling back of the Tower Subsidiary Company. The leaders of all Unions and Associations of BSNL addressed the gathering.

            SNEA AP whole heartedly conveys thanks and gratitude to all the comrades who have taken active part in the Dharna programme at Circle Office and as well SSA Headquarters.



     As per call given by All Unions and Associations of BSNL Day Long Dharna is scheduled on 12th April 2018 at Circle and SSA Headquaters.It is requested to mobilise large number of participants and make the call grand success.


 Roll Back Subsidary Tower Company Formation.